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Mature women looking for sex

Welcome to Saucy over Sixty Dating

The number one aim of this site is to help increase the amount of mature sex dating people are having over 60.  We have over 300,000 members on the site from all over the UK, looking for more erotic encounters. The men and women on this site are not necessarily looking for a relationship; they are looking for a sexual connection. Someone they feel comfortable enough to have regular sex with.

Do I have to be over sixty to join?

Of course not! Lots of people might not actually be sixty, but might like the idea of having sex with a more mature lady (or man). Our main aim is to help people over sixty fulfil their sexual urges and if this means finding them a toyboy, then that’s fine with us. If you like the idea of have sex with a sexy older lady or a more mature gentleman, do not hesitate to sign up and get in contact!

How much does it cost?

Signing up to the site is completely free. No credit car payments are required. The only reason we get you to create an account is because this is a private website where you require membership. There are plenty of adult images on the site, which we keep private from the general public.

Once on the site, you have infinite time to browse through all of our erotic personals. If you sign up and decide you don’t find anyone you like, then cancel your membership and you will never hear from us again.

If, however, you would like to start meeting up with the members, just have a look for the best package to suit you. Our top package costs far less than a meal out. Well worth it if your going to start having more regular sex!

Safe and Secure

This site is completely Safe, secure and private for the following reasons 

  1. We will never show up on your bank account as Saucy Over Sixty Dating.
  2. 100% of the profiles on our site are checked over to make sure that the members are real! There are absolutely no fakes on the site and no time wasters.
  3. All you information is kept private; we do not broadcast your email, no information is passed onto third party companies. If you cancel your membership, all you information is deleted permanently. There will be no trace you were ever on the site!
  4. We work closely with online dating protector, who check our database everyday for any suspicious behaviour. All members you speak to are 100% legitimate

 Reasons for Joining

Being over sixty doesn’t mean you have to have less sex. Some of the women on this site are having more one night stands now, than they were when they were 20. Times have changed; it is now completely acceptable to have several fuck buddies in your life. If you have recently come out of a long term relationship and are just looking for a bit of fun in you life, join the club! 

Every single member on the site has signed up for saucy times. From flirty chat to swinging, we have people on here that suit all sexual fantasies.

Easy to use. had been created to be as easy to use as possible. Simply sign up (which takes less than 2 minutes) and search for your ideal match. You can search 

1. Location

2. Appearance

3. Age

4. Sexual fantasies

 Yes that’s right, you can actually search for people based on their sexual fantasies! Why not sign up now and have a go?

Saucy Dating

You might be wondering what makes our dating site so saucy? Well will let you into a  little secret - it's all our members! We work very hard to attract the right type of members to our online community. It's important for us to make sure everyone who joins our communtiy understands the type of exciting, csaual sex service we provide. Otherwise if they land on our site and are only after a general dating experience, something like or provide, then we have wasted our efforts sending someone with the wrong intentions to our site.

That is why we make sure to inform and educate every single person who finds a way to our site that we offer an enviroment where like-minded adults chat, flirt and meet for no strings sex and fun. Our saucy dating site is perfect for men and women over 60 looking for uncomplicated fun and pleasure with members their own age, or from younger members who want to fulfil their fantasy of sleeping with an older, mature woman who has years of experience and can teach them something new in the bedroom. Whatever your intentions for joining our exciting community we welcome you to our saucy and sexy dating site.

Casual Sex Over Sixty


old and young adult enjoy no strings sex togetherOne of the best advantages of joining a site like ours is that you are giving yourself the best possible chance to find casual sex over sixty. Our website openly advertises and promotes casual hook-ups and one night stands to all of its members, regardless of age or experience.


By doing this we can confidently admit to having a sex service that is like no other. There are two very important factors that make our website so desirable, and goes some of the way in accounting for why 500,000 members have joined us to date.



Our Top Stories

Mature sixty niners

Out of all the sexual positions in the world, there is nothing more intimate and sexy than the sixty niner. Lying on your back with a mature womans arse in your face while she sucks on your dick is enough to make any make any man rock hard.
Why do men love the sixty niner.
Men who like oral sex and like performing sex will loved this position. This can be done in many ways; you can have the man on his back or the woman on her back and the man on top. Generally if the man is on his back then it is down to the woman to suck his dick while she moves her fanny over his mouth in the way she likes. However when the man is on top he can thrust his dick down the woman’s throat while he holds the woman down and licks her wherever he likes. Some men like to lick the vagina and even work their way down to the arse hole. Many men love to lick a woman arse hole. Whether it is just the thought of licking her most intimate area or whether it is because he is obsessed with her arse, it...

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Meet 60 year olds in London

Are you alone in London and looking to have sex with a 6o year old? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog we are going to explore some of the different people who like to have sex with 60 year old women online and why this site will be perfect for you.
1.Elderly men
Many men who are also in their sixties will be looking to have sex with women in their sixties. If you are newly single, perhaps you have recently lost someone or come out of a grueling affair; you might want to find another 60 year old in London to have sex with
Many men have a curiosity of having sex with an older woman. It is quite normal to have this fetish of shagging an older woman. Perhaps when you are young an older woman did something that really turned you on as a child. Perhaps some of the first porn you watched was granny pron. There are many different things that might have caused it but the fact of the matter is that some men just love the idea of fucking a s...

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60 year old in london

Get saucy with a naughty older woman

Are you interested in meeting a naughty older woman in the UK?
Saucyoversixtydating is the home of naughty women (youv’e guessed it) over sixty!

We have hundreds of men all over the country signing up in order to watch the horny videos uploaded by these women.
Do the women upload a lot of horny videos
We have hundreds of horny videos from these mature women. Many of the women treat their profile like their very own little porn sites. They upload horny photos of them having sex with other members and even upload photos of the them stripping, dancing, or even just lying in bed playing with their tits. If you don't believe me why not sign up and see for yourself.
Are the women real?
Yes every single image you see on this site was uploaded by a real woman. We only ever feature members images on our site once people have signed up and asked us if we would use their images to get more men to their profile.

Since we have over ...

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old saucy woman

Meet Older Women In London

Are you looking to meet older women in London but you just aren’t sure how to find her? Let me guide you. Firstly let’s make sure you know exactly what you are looking for, I mean you don’t want to be approaching women with a ring on her finger now do you? Okay maybe you do but that’s not what we are aiming for here. You want to meet a single older woman who is up for a bit of casual flirting and more if she’s game.

We’ve all be down the pub and had a conversation on what age your limit is at. Although no matter the age whether she is 10 years older or even 20years older – mature women can be pretty damn hot to a younger guy. Why? I think it’s down to how we think she is much more experienced that someone who is much younger. Women who are getting older have had time to appreciate their bodies, be confident and know how to please men. – Of course if you choose wrong then maybe they won’t have all those qualities but still something to tick of the list...

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Older woman from London