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How to get started on our site

If you are new to you might want to know how to get setup and started on our dating site so you can start messaging the 1000s of local sex addicts around you. To help you out and get things going we have created a neat little 3 step guide. If you have any further questions please contact us through our phone support line, email, Facebook or Twitter – or alternatively leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

Step 1: Sign up for your free account in 60 seconds

Whether you are a horny guy or a kinky older woman it’s the same process to join our exciting site. If you have looked around out site and read some of the member testimonials, and a little bit about us, then you should be feeling pretty confident and comfortable in signing up fora free trial.
This is really simple to do, just navigate to the top of this page and start filling in the five step registration form.  The only information you have to provide us with at this point is, what you are looking for, man or woman, a username, ideally not a nickname, your date of birth, an email address (this must be valid for us to complete your registration and confirm you are not a scammer), and finally a password. If you are happy to provide us with those 5 bits of information you will be up and running with a profile in just 60 seconds.




Step 2: Use our advanced search tool to browse local members

Once you are setup with your account it’s time to start searching for members to contact and meet in your local area for sex. However before you get to this part, we suggest you take a few minutes to fill in your newly created profile. Make sure you add a profile picture (or more if you can) a short description about yourself, and  to fill in your adult interests. Doing this will give you a 60% higher chance of being contacted by another member.
So once you have done that, it’s time to start searching for your own prefect partner to have sex with. The best way to do this is by navigating to the search page and filling in all the necessary filters and criteria. You can search within a 5 – 150 mile radius of your postcode, generally if you live near a big city or town, we wouldn’t recommend searching much more than 5 – 15 miles in the first instance. However, if you know you live in a pretty remote location, then you can increase that until members start populating your results.
Make sure to include the filters you want, you can select things like body type, hair colour, skin colour, right down to a members interests, like if they are into oral sex, or role playing, or sucking feet, that sort of thing.


Step 3: Contact a member and organise to meet for sex

Once you have got your list of desired members to message it’s time to get the conversation flowing. We suggest you send a message to all your favourite members, as securing a sex date can be a bit of a numbers game at times, so you won’t harm yourself by contacting all your favourites at once. When sending out the first message, try and keep it short and sweet, don’t bore someone with your life story, it’s really not very attractive or impressive! Keep it light, maybe a touch flirty, and maybe include something that you read about them on their profile. Like if they said they liked dressing up for sex, and you share the same interest, why not let them know?
Once you have sent a few messages, and you are getting good positive replies with some questions directed at you, it’s time to step it up a gear and propose to meet up. You can be quite forward with this, as most people are all looking for the same thing here, so if she or he says no, then they’re probably just testing the waters, and not really ever going to commit. Suggest somewhere local, that it is in a public place to have some drinks, a bar, pub, is always a great idea for this.
Take things slow, read the signs, and when you know your partner is ready ask her to come back yours, or go to theirs to really get the party started.


The kind of people you could meet

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