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Get Saucy in your sixties in London. has been around for over eight years. In this time we have grown to become one of the biggest over sixty sex sites in the UK. We have got members from the top of Scotland to the depths of Wales; however, one of our biggest locations for members to sign up is (of course) London. London is the city that has given our sites a huge number of its members. It turns out that there are a lot of men and women in their sixties who are looking to have no stings attached sex in the Capitol.

Why are there so many mature women looking for sex?

In London the divorce rate is on the rise but most interestingly it is in the rise between the ages of 50-65. This means there are a huge amount of newly single people in their fifties and sixties who are starting to date and meet up for sex.
The reason for divorce might be because of the number of affairs has risen. We are noticing that many people are signing up to this horny dating site even though they are already married and have a partner.
“I signed up to this site as I thought it was about time I started to have sex with more women. Now I am married but my wife knows that I am not a one-woman type man. In Chelsea you can go to the bars but it is mostly filled with younger women. This is ok but I wanted to start having regular sex with women over fifty, as these are the women I am the most attracted to.
I signed up and did a search across London and discovered there were thousands of people just like me who were looking to go on over sixty sex dates.
I contacted a few people and after a while we started to organize orgies and sex parties through the site. Everyone on here is looking for a bit of fun and to be honest with you I have now been a member for the best side of 2 years. I get a lot of sex off this site and my attitude is the more the merrier which is why I am writing this testimonial. If you live in London then why not sign up and join us”
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