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Mature sixty niners

Out of all the sexual positions in the world, there is nothing more intimate and sexy than the sixty niner. Lying on your back with a mature womans arse in your face while she sucks on your dick is enough to make any make any man rock hard.

Why do men love the sixty niner.

Men who like oral sex and like performing sex will loved this position. This can be done in many ways; you can have the man on his back or the woman on her back and the man on top. Generally if the man is on his back then it is down to the woman to suck his dick while she moves her fanny over his mouth in the way she likes. However when the man is on top he can thrust his dick down the woman’s throat while he holds the woman down and licks her wherever he likes. Some men like to lick the vagina and even work their way down to the arse hole. Many men love to lick a woman arse hole. Whether it is just the thought of licking her most intimate area or whether it is because he is obsessed with her arse, it can often make a man very hard, rimming a mature woman.

The standing sixty niner

The other option is of course to stand up but this does require a fair amount of strength. The easiest way to do this is for the woman to being in the wheelbarrow position and put her feet over than mans shoulders while he crouches down as far as he can. Then as the man stands up the mature lady will slowly be lifted up then the woman’s thighs will hook over the mans shoulders. If done right, the woman’s mature pussy should be in the man face and the woman should now be hanging upside down with her head hanging by the mans dick. Now this can be quite strenuous but you should be able to do it based on the amount of pleasure that you will be having from doing it.

Find people who love doing the 69r

When everyone signs up to saucy over sixty they fill out a brief questionnaire saying some of the things that they enjoy sexually. You can tick the box saying that you like doing oral sex and sixty niners. This means when everyone else signs up, they can search for people who like sixty niners.
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