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Saucy and 60: flings

My name is Carol and ever since my divorce of my unfaithful husband back in 2009 I feel my life has completely turned around thanks to these saucy senior dating sites. I caught my ex-husband sending explicit text messages to a woman he worked with in his office. To my surprise they were very sexy messages.


Me and my ex, who i’ll call Tom for the purposes of this, not his real name, photographed himself wearing a Brazilian thong with his bits and pieces exposed out of the thong. Though I was mad with him, and how he could be unfaithful sending pictures of himself to someone who he worked with, I suddenly saw Tom in a new erotic light, and instantly felt guilty that I was  not providing him with the sexy stuff in life he was requiring from me. Since me and Tom parted, i have dated many many men from many of whom made love to me in the most euphoric fashion. I now feel sexy, I want to provide for my man, and my life has completely turned around. My last encounter from the site was with a lovely, slightly overweight gentleman called Brian. After a lovely meal we both went back to his house- he took my knickers off and let’s just say it was raining cats and dogs down there, I wanted him, and i wanted him to enter me. He whispered into my ear “I’ll never mind your cries or passion – I am about to whoap it up you- doggy fashion”. “Yes, yes yes”I howled with joy – I dread to think what the neighbours thought, but i am 68 now, and I couldn’t give a fig. It’s my turn to be happy i thought, I am 60, and by god i feel saucy.


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