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Feeling Saucy? I am ROFL

My name is Annette and since I have recently bought high suspenders; there is no stopping me. I am 74 going on 21. I recently split with my husband of 43 years and by god, have a recent lust for life, and yes, sex as well. I want to meet up with men for sexual encounters, but with no strings attached. I have had 43 years of attached sex and now I just want to have a bit a play, and by god, that is the name of the game.
I am not fussy on looks as long as the men are clean. I recently met up with a lovely over weight gent called Keith and all was going well until I began to suck him off. As his erect penis entered my small mouth and I was greeted with a mouth full of cottage cheese. I began to heave, and got a few ANTI BACTERIAL wipes from upon my bed side table and began to wash his cock. He preferred that to the actual blow job and in about 2 minutes came all over my hand. I proceeded to drink all of the cum on my hand. Yum Yum.
But as I say I wasn’t too happy about the fact he did not wash his penis and that is my only bug bare. Another erotic meet up from this dating site was when I met up Gary, who had the nicest butt I think I have ever literally seen on a lovely man. I began by licking all around his lovely anus. He was hard as a rock and I was dripping like a hat that had been left out in the rain for days. I have only recently discovered that I was giving him what the youngsters call a rust trombone. As I was licking all around his grommet my other hand wrapped around I tossed him off. I was so gleeful that he was in so much pleasure.
I cannot say how much I am enjoying this sexy sites- and I am 74 and I can still orgasm- Rock on’and rock on the cock I say ROFL


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